Exhibition at the John Larmony Center – June 23, 2012

Exhibition at the John Larmony Center – June 23, 2012

Exhibition at the John Larmony Center – june 23, 2012

Headmade Factory, something never before seen in saint martin!

On Saturday, June 23, the collective of contemporary artists named HMF brought us along in a stunning artistic stroll inside the John Larmonie Center in Philipsburg.

Lead by the clown Albina Matuzko, the audience discovered the different worlds of eight artists, painters, plastic artists, video makers and choreographers who occupied the whole center that saw its lights and stage prepared for the occasion.

Florence Poirier-Nkpa’ s culinary work was made of a collection of gustatory surprises, with mixes of Caribbean flavors unheard of. Visitors were invited to taste the collective’s founder/plastic artist’s work.

As for the painter Franck Fournès, he exhibited his works in a surprising staging of wire netting and lighting that highlighted his work on resin by transparency effects as well as the captivating geometry of his latest creations.

Then there was the universe created by the video-maker Lannig, that raises environmental awareness of the fate of bees and appeals to our sense of civic duty with his “Bee Have” installation. All of this was made possible through a projection of hypnotic images reworked via electronic procedure, and the possibility for the spectator to end this experience at anytime by destroying the material used for the projection.

The engraving work of the renowned Jacques Bosser, who is this collective’s sponsor, was also exhibited, as well as the paintings from Stephen Winckel, Bastien and Florence Poirier-Nkpa, who covered the different hallways of the John Larmonie Center.

Each hour of the exhibition was punctuated by a performance from the choreographer Peggy Oulerich and the painter Bastien. The stage was nothing but a 10 meter x 4 meter canvas covering the ground and the walls, on which up to 15 dancers performed, fluctuating between improvisation and choreographed sequences, hindering Bastien’s performance who was painting live in the middle of bodies. The result was a perfect blend of movements and colors recorded by the video maker Lannig who followed the dancers in their evolution. The paintings and the movie will be exhibited during an upcoming event of HMF.

The exhibition was a success, as children and adults alike seemed thrilled to have shared this experience.

The collective is proud to have once again won over a new audience and contributed to making contemporary art accessible to everyone, as it should be.


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