HMF Artists


HeadMade Factory has been working for many years to structure its organization, in which various professional activities – all related to contemporary art in the Caribbean and worldwide – intertwine. HMF wants to, among other things, support the artistic creation of and from Saint Martin by giving the island a place where artists can exhibit and sell online. It’s a window display for the contemporary creation from and in Saint Martin where the best works have to be displayed.

In the HMF Gallery, you can currently discover the works of:

To visit their studio, make an appointment with Florence POIRIER-NKPA by phone: (+594) (0) 694 43 36 35 or by email:

Besides, HMF also wishes to encourage the emerging or confirmed artists from and in Saint Martin to become professionals, and want to help them sell their works while making their clients benefit from tax concessions related to the purchase of their works via HMF.

  • Are you from Saint Martin or elsewhere?
  • Do you live and work in Saint Martin?
  • Do you want to exhibit and/or sell online through HMF?
  • Ask your questions in the contact form or send your file to the HMF selection board here.