Exhibition “La puissance du flegme” (The power of phlegm) – January 20, 2012

Exhibition “La puissance du flegme” (The power of phlegm) – January 20, 2012

Exhibition “La puissance du flegme” (The power of phlegm) – january 20, 2012

HMF – We met on Facebook, we made some “artistic” small talk. But above all, on behalf of HMF, I really appreciated your HEOL series that shows portraits of women whose cultural origins are highlighted by an esthetic linked to the national identity of each one of them. Then, we told you about our desire to organize a biennial contemporary art show and turn HMF into a structure of contemporary creations in Saint Martin… You also agreed to become a HMF sponsor.
What motivated you when you agreed to become our sponsor?

J.B – A cultural initiative for the artistic promotion of the island of Saint Martin and the Caribbean is a beautiful idea that deserves to be shared with generosity.
HMF – You gifted us with five engravings and we want to thank you for them. Could you tell us a little bit more today about those engravings?
(Are they studies for an order? Are they part of a set or a series? What connection do they have to your artistic approach? Anything else?)

J.B – I’ve worked for many years with art editors… Engraving is an ancient technique, made and produced manually, that enables a larger circulation of the works at a more accessible cost for the general public since there are multiple versions, but each engraving is still unique, because the plate needs to be cleaned manually and inked each time. These engravings are part of a series called “Hoshis”, which means stars.

HMF – Today a certain type of photography is being qualified as “plastic”. In order to enlighten us on your practice, could you explain in a few words what the so-called “plastic” photography means to you?

HMF – You don’t always do photography, and we find, among the media you use, other things like sculpture, painting, a mix of painting and photography, engraving…  Why is your approach as a plastic artist so diverse?

J.B – The medium, which is nothing but a toolbox, doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the result and the work’s meaning: everything else is just technique. To me there is no difference between painting and photography, and I’m going to use either one of them depending on what I want to express.

HMF – “An art that, in my opinion, truly reaches the dimension of the sacred, as it can be said about African primitive art or Roman art…” This is what Michel Bohbot has to say about your work.
What is your own conception of the place of the sacred in art?

J.B – It’s not about the religious concept to me; I take the meaning of the sacred as the necessary place given to the part of dream and amazement that is being revealed in every one of us because of it.

HMF – Perhaps you would like to add something that you feel is essential?

“We need art to sharpen our eyes and our understanding of the world with its different realities.” Jacques BOSSER

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HeadMade Factory introduces the works of its sponsor Jacques BOSSER

HeadMade Factory introduces the works of its sponsor Jacques BOSSER and Florence Poirier-Nkpa during an exhibition called the “The Power of Phlegm” from January 20 to February 20, 2012 at Richard. B. Marina Royale in Marigot, Saint Martin.

HMF is a collective of artists whose goal is to organize a biennial contemporary art show and set up a structure supporting contemporary creations in Saint Martin.

These goals require a lot of work and need financing not only to make HMF known, but also to arouse interest among the general public for Contemporary Art.

For almost one year, HMF has organized artistic events in Saint Martin. In the form of a night event, private showing or conferences on art, dance and contemporary visual arts join forces with one same goal: creating a contemporary island culture.

Exhibition- January 12
HMF is in talks with many international artists and one of them listened to our ambitions. Jacques Bosser is an artist already acclaimed in the art world of Paris. Without deep knowledge of HeadMade Factory, and with just a motivated written request from us, he became one of our “artistic sponsors”.
Born in Le Havre in 1946, this painter, sculptor and photographer who lives in Montrouge next to Paris, gave us his trust. He listened to our projects and understood the stakes of an open-mindedness on contemporary art, as a mean to develop the artistic, social and economic life of Saint Martin. Drawing on his generosity, he gifted HMF with five engravings from the “Hoshis” series, which means “stars”.

HMF suggests that you discover the work of this artist as well as the work of Florence POIRIER-NKPA during an exhibition that will take place from January 20 to February 20, 2012, at Richard B in the Marina Royale in Marigot.
His works’ sales will help HeadMade Factory set up various projects.

Aquatint taken from the “Hoshis” series – original dimensions 76X57cm and 60X80cm framed – Price : €800 (with or without frame –Chronopost delivery price included for all destinations).


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