HMF Services


The professional services provided by HeadMade Factory target all visual artists regardless of type: drawings, paintings, installations, collages, mixed media, videos, sculptures, performances, photographs… Other targets include musicians, poets, choreographs…

Are you an artist? An emerging or confirmed one?
Do you want to write or refine your artistic approach?
Do you want to write or update your CV?
Do you want to have professional shots for your works?
Do you want to create and print a portfolio of your works?
Do you want to write an artistic project in preparation for a call for artistic projects?
Do you want to write an article and make yourself known in Saint Martin, in Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean or elsewhere?
Do you want to make a request for grant?

Additional information

HMF is a structure that wants to take part in the professional and cultural development of and in Saint Martin, in the Caribbean and elsewhere. Communicate about the artists is part of HMF’s commitment.
We can help the artists to talk more about their works, their approach and help them get professional photographs of their works.
Individually, HMF provides a service of assistance for the writing of your artistic projects and approach, and the creation of professional shots for your works in order to set up a file of request for grant to the local government of Saint Martin but also to Guadeloupe’s Department of Cultural Affairs, to the French Overseas Ministry and others. HMF could also help you respond to certain calls for artistic projects.

DON’T HESITATE TO CONTACT US for a personalized analysis of your needs.