The drawing book


“RACONTE-TOI” (NARRATE YOURSELF) is a drawing book for the children victims of natural disasters.


This material is intended to be distributed by the humanitarian aid on location following a natural disaster. Children will receive this book as a gift and use it as a space for autonomous therapeutic expression right after the disaster. They will also be able to let the book become the object or starting point for a dialogue with the adult and/or the specialist with whom they will have accepted to share it with. Aside from the direct context of a natural disaster, HMF will distribute this book in the services of certain trauma professionals who will be able to use it to provoke a dialogue with the children strongly affected by the natural disaster.

Aditional informations

Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma in Saint Martin, the population was heavily affected. HMF encourages the population to take part in the strengthening of the risk awareness and in the mental reconstruction of Saint Martin’s youth.
“RACONTE-TOI” (NARRATE YOURSELF) is a drawing book created as a tool dialogue for children following a natural disaster such as Irma.

For more information, contact Florence POIRIER-NKPA

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