La Cour #2 – April 20, 2016

La Cour #2 – April 20, 2016

La Cour #2 – april 20, 2016

The artists collective HeadMade Factory (HMF) organized on Friday night a sales exhibition dedicated to finance a deck of cards named “Les ACCCroSSSSucres”. This deck of cards, reminiscing of Happy Families, was created in order to raise awareness in schools of the dangers of sugar overconsumption and the risks that cause obesity and diabetes.

Three artists of HMF and a Senegalese artist met in Dakar created the deck of cards. “Each artist created two families and the artist from Dakar created one”, says Florence Poirier-Nkpa, member artist of the HMF association and organizer of the exhibition.
The event made it possible to introduce the deck to the public, as well as the works of the artists who created it. “The event consisted in selling the exposed works in order to pay the deck of cards’ printing. Part of the deck’s creation was financed by CFAO-Solidarité, a pharmaceutical group, as well as the local government which contributed financially to the distribution of the deck in schools.
The project has three parts: the creation and printing of the deck, the distribution in the schools and then the participation to the World Diabetes Day with Saint-Martin Santé. “We worked with Chantal Thibaut to approve the therapeutic and educational information included in this deck of cards,” Florence guaratees.

No sales by the time the event ended
The event was supposed to enable a fundraising through the works sold. Although every purchase allows the buyer to benefit from a 60% tax reduction on the work’s value, no sales happened by the end of the night. “We were about 70 people. Some people gave us ideas to collect funds. I think we are going to put the project online.” Three artists, Laurent Bayly, Cindy Choisy and Florence Poirier-Nkpa have taken part in this ephemeral exhibition located in an open-air location called “La cour”, nearby the law court. “We are going to try to create events a little bit more regularly in this location to turn it into a meeting place with art”, says Florence Poirier-Nkpa.

Octavi de Lloà
Article taken from the website