“Forget-the-popcorn” show – May 14, 2015

“Forget-the-popcorn” show – May 14, 2015

“Forget-the-popcorn” show – may 14, 2015

There has been a lot of BUZZ since the preview showing of Forget The Popcorn, which took place on Thursday, May 14 at the Cultural Center of Philipburg.

Only FIVE shows left ! May 21, May 22, May 23 and May 24 at 7 p.m.
There will be an extra show on Sunday, May 24 at 6 p.m.

Forget the popcorn

Unprecedented in Saint Martin! The whole team of HeadMade Factory is proud to introduce this show created by Peggy OULERICH (choreography) and Hans MINNAERT (artistic direction). The island’s talents are joining forces on the Philipsburg Cultural Center’s stage where dancing, aerial acrobatics, singing, theater and lighting effect merge to give the spectators a magical moment as powerful as this sentence illustrated by the show: “A creative adult is a child who has survived…”
The preview showing was sold out. So many people came along and gave the show a standing ovation! Every audience member agreed that they had never seen this before in Saint Martin. The mix of dancing and rope acrobatics, put together with the lighting effects and the video projections, delighted the crowd.

The HMF team was pleased to have gathered an audience coming from both sides of the island in the name of art. About ten elected representatives as well as representatives for both Saint Martin and Sint Maarten’s governments came to watch the show and congratulated our artists and dancers. Many leading figures did us the honor of being there including Senator Guillaume Arnell and Sint Maarten’s Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs, as well as Mrs Rollande QUESTEL (elected representative in charge of culture), Mr Thierry GOMBS, Mrs Rita BOURNE GUMBS (Minister of Culture), and the second vice president of the Parliament Mr Van Hugh C. DE WEEVER. They all thought the show was groundbreaking and spectacular. An audience of committed and curious people of all ages came to the show with a lot of enthusiasm following the preview showing.
Today, close to 2,700 people have already been able to discover the show’s backstage thanks to the videos of Hans MINNAERT posted on Facebook. The show’s success keeps growing thanks to word of mouth.

What is the theme of this new show? (What Peggy Oulerich has to say)
“Forget the Popcorn tells us the story of a quest. A personal quest, but one that cannot be separated from a collective story.
We are all thirsty for success, and we are all on the search for our star, a moment of glory, an outcome that is the driving force of our lives.
In a more and more complex society, with multiple choices, where the consumption and celebrity race lead us sometimes to a downward spiral, we feel pressured to lose our innocence.
Let’s not forget and put aside our inner child who’s never heard of disenchantment and only knows how to dream!
A creative adult is a child who has survived…”

The stage direction seems complex because of the mix of various art disciplines… Tell us more about it:
“It is indeed a very motivating artistic challenge. We have important technical constraints with the videos and air acrobatics numbers. We would also have loved to do the show on the French side of the island, but for those technical reasons we had no other choice but to go for the Philipsburg venue, since it’s currently the only infrastructure able to host a show with the setting and facility required for the air acrobatics numbers.”

Practical information
The show will be presented at the Cultural Center of Philipsburg from May 21 to 24 at 7 p.m., with an extra show on Saturday, May 24 at 4 p.m.

Presale for the €20/$20 tickets is available at: Vidéo Club (Hope Estate), Atypique (Marigot), Temps Danses Académie (Baie Orientale), Le Pélican (Concordia).
On the Dutch side: Van Dorp, Pete’s Photo, NIA National institut orf arts.
Remaining tickets will be sold $30 on site.

HMF c’est quoi ? / What’s HMF ?

HMF est un collectif d’artistes mettant à l’honneur la culture contemporaine à St Martin. Danse, arts visuels, expositions, conférences. Ces activités autour de l’art, illustrent un mouvement artistique méritant d’être reconnu à St Martin, à l’échelle caribéenne et internationale. Accueillir des artistes et découvrir de nouveaux talents font partie intégrante des projets HMF, ainsi qu’organiser un événement d’envergure internationale à St Martin. Entourés de professionnels du tourisme et de l’éducation ces artistes proposent des événements permettant d’apprécier la richesse de l’art contemporain, mais aussi d’enrichir les outils de promotion touristique de la Caraïbe.

HMF is an artist collective working on contemporary art and culture in St Martin. Dance, visual arts, exhibitions, conferences. These activities about art, illustrate an artistic movement from St Martin willing to be recognized internationaly. Welcoming new artists and new talents is also part of the HMF goals, and to organize an international art event in St. Martin. With the support of tourism and education authorities these artists want to organize events to prove the strenght of contemporary art here but also to promote the island in an other way for tourism.


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